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Before specialising as a performing arts photographer jason viewed himself as a bit of a creative Jekyll and Hyde. 


By day Jason was a graphic designer and art director, crafting international campaigns, brands and publications for a variety of trade unions, medical, educational and political parties (see here for more info). 


By night his real passion took over. He moonlighted as a portrait and social commentary photographer developing a series of reportage projects that took him from Venezuela to Israel and for a year touring the UK documenting the rise of an MP who went on to become the leader of the UK’s Labour Party.


After many years of toying with dreams of turning his passion into a reality he finally bit the bullet and retrained at London’s Central Saint Martins, graduating with a Merit Class in Professional Photographic Studies.


It was soon after that Jason began a collaboration with two performing arts organisations, one in particular that sought to bridge the divide between Israelis and Palestinians using contemporary dance as its medium, and it was here that his love of documenting the performing arts began. 


Jason’s work has been exhibited in central London locations and has been featured in international publications including the Guardian, the Times, the Independent and on broadcast media including the BBC, Sky, ITV, Al Jazeera and online across various national and international news and media outlets.


Jason lives and works in Hackney, east London with his wife Marie and his three mini muses: Nat, Pia and Saul who will forever remain the source of his passion and inspiration.

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